Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello
Birthday: March 3, 1997
Birthplace: Cojimar Cuba
Parents: Sinuhe Cabello, Alejandro Cabello
Real Name: Karla Camila Cabello
Ethnicity: Cuban and Mexican

Camila Cabello baby pictureKarla Camila Cabello 1 fifth of the X Factor alum girl group Fifth Harmony was born in Cojimar Cuba. She and her parents Sinuhe and Alejandro migrated to America when she was 6 years old. She was raised in Miami Florida home of another group member Lauren Jauregui. Growing up she was considered awkward by classmates and befriended only a few people in school Sandra and Marielle Guzman and was considered an introvert. It’s hard to believe since Harmonizers consider her the most outspoken of the group. She kept to herself but kept her nose in the books. Camila’s grade point average in the 9th grade was a 3.7 GPA. Camila was taking two Advanced Placement courses in Biology and Government. But it would be her musical talents that she pursue to develop and help her become a huge success.

Fifth harmonyAt the age of 14 years old after watching the X Factor USA season 1 finale she begged her mom to let her audition for season 2. In January she submitted an online audition and got a response from the producers within 1 month. Cabello had sang Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. For her birthday instead of a Quinceañera her mom and dad drove her to the televised auditions in North Carolina. There she met for the first time her future group mate Lauren. Camila got 4 yeses from LA Reid, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and Simon Cowell. Camila’s hidden audition tape was of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by Aretha Franklin. But X Factor producers could not get the rights to the song which lead the series not to air her auditions.

Camila Cabello on air Ryan SeacrestDuring Boot Camp Camila was eliminated when the judges announced the TOP 24 but she and five other solo acts were called back to the stage and it was announced that she would become a member of LYLAS. The group went on several name changes due to a lawsuit by another girl group called LYLAS. Camila and the girls later chose Fifth Harmony which stuck. After coming in third place on the X Factor season 2 finale Simon Cowell asked twitter followers should Fifth Harmony get a record deal. The tweet was replied to by 14,000 twitter followers in 2 hours when he announced he signed them to SYCO Music. Fifth Harmony had signed a record deal before the finale in case they didn’t win LA Reid was the first of several record companies offering contracts. The girls chose Epic Records for a deal worth $3 million. After a 1 month hiatus the girls reunited and began recording their debut album. Miss Movin On was released as the first single. It has peaked at number 76 on Billboard Hot 100 and number 27 on New Zealand singles chart.

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  1. Nicholas
    Nicholas at |

    What’s your phone number

  2. leila
    leila at |

    I love you your my favorite singer in fifth harmony. your so pretty you and lauren…. hope I can go to one of your concerts. <3

  3. clay
    clay at |

    i think that u are awsome and that u sing realy good. I was wondering if u had a email account,

  4. Jalin
    Jalin at |

    I like you Camilla cabello

  5. Arianna
    Arianna at |

    Can I have your phone no please

  6. Bianca Navarro
    Bianca Navarro at |

    Camila I love u so so so much if you can answer back that would be so awesome. You inspire me so much u thought me to do the things that I want to do and make my dreams become a reality and to never doubt myself so I just wanted to say THANK YOU because I almost gave up on myself and decided to be nothing and boring so THANK YOU I love u so so so so much and if you have a chance please answer back

  7. Emily
    Emily at |

    i love you camila! your awesome! your my favorite out of all fifth harmony. Im a harmonizer!

    1. vanessa
      vanessa at |

      I love you camila cebello

    2. vanessa
      vanessa at |

      I love you camila cabello

  8. Ashley
    Ashley at |

    i hate her!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dominique
      Dominique at |

      If you hate your an idiot!!!!!!!!

    2. Destiny
      Destiny at |

      no one cares if you hate her dont comment at all obviosly ur not a harmonizer.. coment if your a harmonizer #harmonizer

  9. Leyla
    Leyla at |

    I love your outfits

  10. Lorena Jurado
    Lorena Jurado at |

    I love you

  11. zahnae
    zahnae at |

    how can u hate camila

  12. LISSY
    LISSY at |

    Don’t go out withe Austin Mahone!#SIKEYOU GUYS WOUD MAKE AN AWSOME COULPE:)

  13. Fernanda Ferreira
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  14. Emma
    Emma at |

    I love u soooooo much I think what really hit me was your anything could happen preformence btw the bow………..LOVE IT

  15. lucy
    lucy at |

    I wish she would reveal her phone number but we all know thats not gonna not all crazed about her but I wish to meet her cuz I like her petsonality,me and her could be like good friends.she is a very good romodel and I look up to her.btw im 11.

  16. kylie C.
    kylie C. at |

    Hey Camilla , ILYSM and plz follow me on ask hav 0 followers and haven’t got on. Ever sense I made an account so plzzzzzzzz

  17. Ciara
    Ciara at |

    Omg, Camilia. I love your style and everything. Work it girl lol


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